Business models of AR applications discussed at workshop by Futuristic History

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DSC_3093The Futuristic History project held a workshop day focused on business models of AR application. Represented were many of the regional culture and museum organizations as well as for example the National Board of Antiquities. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the potential that mixed reality applications can offer different related parties. For a hands-on experience the project presented demonstrative applications on multiple platforms, including the iPad, the Epson BT-200 AR glasses and the new Oculus Rift DK2 virtual reality goggles.

DSC_3068In the event the project presented publicly for the first time its new mobile AR application developed for the Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum. In its adventurous story the user is taken over 150 years back in time to meet the people of Luostarinmäki. The application enlivens the beautiful museum environment by augmenting 3D content into the scenery and for example allows the user to see how people lived in that time. Using a tablet computer the user can help the citizens solve a mystery surrounding the area by exploring the museum and by interacting with virtual characters. The adventure is also affected by the user’s decisions allowing him to truly interact with the world and see the results of his actions.

DSC_3012In the discussions it became clear that the concept presented was indeed seen as a potential way to visualize both historical events and results of historical research projects. It was also clear that more research on the field is required. One of the much discussed subjects was how to find the balance where both the end-user experience and the benefits of the local organizations can be optimized. Many of the participants voiced that the subject at hand is indeed important when preparing to meet the customer expectations of tomorrow.



More information about the application: Luostarinmäki Adventure