Futuristic History at NODEM 2014

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DSC_1086NODEM 2014, the annual Nordic digital heritage conference is underway in Warsaw, Poland. The event started on Monday December 1 with a day of keynotes. Today in turn the focus was on academic presentations and among them our Futuristic History project presented a talk about creating the Luostarinmäki Adventure game.

On the stage were Tuomas Mäkilä and Timo Korkalainen from DFT and Lauri Viinikkala from the Department of Finnish History. The talk was well received and sparked an intense discussion about both the technology behind the application and the future possibilities of the concept.

DSC_0244You can check out our slides for the talk here (pdf) and a longer version of the video we played here on Youtube. A video recording of the talk will be made available later by the organisers of the event.