About us

Department of Future Technologies (DFT) at the University of Turku is an internationally acclaimed research unit focusing on industry-relevant technology research with multidisciplinary nature.

DFT has currently over 50 employees with broad knowledge in the field of information and communication technologies. The core staff is competent to work in research areas such as hardware and communications systems design, low- and high-level programming, software engineering and development, and productization of ICT systems. We are fortunate to have key employees with both academic and industrial backgrounds.

Our research focused on the following areas: 1) Microelectronics, 2) Embedded and mixed reality systems, and 3) Biomedical and environmental ICT. Since nowadays most ICT related research challenges are inherently multidisciplinary, we do close co-operation with a wide range of industrial partners and researchers from different units of our home university and from domestic and international research organizations.

We are constantly seeking new opportunities to solve industry and society needs through high quality academic research. Please feel free to contact us!