Agile Development for Embedded Space Systems

DSC05583Agile development is widely utilized in software industry. Already previously Department of Future Technologies has successfully tailored and researched their applicability in embedded system development (AgiES) and has recently focused on embedded space system development in the AgiSpacES -project.

Space system development has characters which are opposite to agile methods, such as heavy processes if the already approved design needs to be changed, standards and component selection requirements leading to design restrictions and long projects. Despite these challenges agile development can offer new ways of working enhancing the teamwork and communication – aspects which are not defined in the heavy processes.

In three companies iterative development was applied with positive influences. The information flow was enhanced, when the practices made work of every developer more visible also improving the possibility to align the work of different developers. The team was given more control over the planning of their own work. The enhanced communication was seen to enable sharing of ideas of better solutions to the current implementation.

The challenges, solutions to them and company experiences were summarized in Finnish to an extension to agile handbook for embedded systems development called Ketteryys avaruusteollisuudessa (Agile development for space industry).

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