Our office in Turku has moved!

Our office in Kupittaa, Turku has moved to a new location 100 meters apart from the previous one. The new spaces reside in the modern ICT-City, Joukahaisenkatu 3, the very next building on the same old street.

You can find us on the 5th floor by entering by the stairway B elevator, located indoors in the center of the building. The reception in the lobby is at your service.

Parking areas for visitors are located in front of and beside the building, while the parking area below is reserved for employees.

Map of the area

Agile Development for Embedded Space Systems

DSC05583Agile development is widely utilized in software industry. Already previously Department of Future Technologies has successfully tailored and researched their applicability in embedded system development (AgiES) and has recently focused on embedded space system development in the AgiSpacES -project.

Space system development has characters which are opposite to agile methods, such as heavy processes if the already approved design needs to be changed, standards and component selection requirements leading to design restrictions and long projects. Despite these challenges agile development can offer new ways of working enhancing the teamwork and communication – aspects which are not defined in the heavy processes.

In three companies iterative development was applied with positive influences. The information flow was enhanced, when the practices made work of every developer more visible also improving the possibility to align the work of different developers. The team was given more control over the planning of their own work. The enhanced communication was seen to enable sharing of ideas of better solutions to the current implementation.

The challenges, solutions to them and company experiences were summarized in Finnish to an extension to agile handbook for embedded systems development called Ketteryys avaruusteollisuudessa (Agile development for space industry).

DSC05610 DSC05575 DSC05570

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Teijo Lehtonen

Senior Research Fellow

+358 (0)44 440 0005

Kaisa Könnölä

Project Researcher

+358 (0)50 371 5592

AgiSpacES Seminar: Agile Methods for Embedded Systems Development in the Space Industry

How do agile software development methods mix with embedded systems development in the space industry? The AgiSpacES project hosts an open seminar on the topic on October 10 in Turku. The event is in Finnish.

Tule kuulemaan millaisia uusia haasteita avaruusteollisuudesta löytyi ohjelmistotekniikassa käytetylle ketterälle kehitykselle, miten näitä haasteita ratkottiin ja millaisina tiimit kokivat uudet käytännöt. Entä millaista laadunvarmistus (Product Assurance) on avaruusteollisuudessa ja mitä mahdollisuuksia ketteryys siihen tarjoaa?

Turun yliopiston Department of Future Technologiesin AgiSpacES-projekti (Agile Development Methods for Embedded Systems in Space Industry) tutki ohjelmistokehityksestä tuttujen ketterien menetelmien käyttöönottoa avaruusteollisuuden sulautettujen järjestelmien kehityksessä. Tuloksista koostettiin lisäosa jo aiemmin julkaistuun Sulautettujen järjestelmien ketterään käsikirjaan sekä opas avaruusteollisuuteen aikoville yrityksille.

Tilaisuuden ohjelma

  • Tilaisuuden avaus Erik Lehtonen, Turku Science Park Oy
  • Projektin esittely ja opas avaruusteollisuuteen aikoville yrityksille Teijo Lehtonen ja Kaisa Könnölä, Department of Future Technologies
  • Ketterä kehitys avaruusteollisuudessa ja lisäosa Sulautettujen järjestelmien ketterään käsikirjaan Kaisa Könnölä ja Tuomas Mäkilä, Department of Future Technologies
  • RUAG Space Finland: Case ketterien käytäntöjen soveltaminen avaruuselektroniikan suunnitteluun Mika Jurva, RUAG Space Finland
  • Product Assurance Antti Lyytikäinen, AL Safety Design
  • Product Assurance ja ketteryys Minna Isomäki, Department of Future Technologies

Tilaisuuteen on vapaa pääsy, mutta tarjoilujen vuoksi ilmoittautuminen viimeistään 16.10.2015

Ilmoittautuminen: https://www.lyyti.fi/group/Seminaari_ketterasta_kehityksesta_avaruusteollisuuden_sulautetuille_jarjestelmille_4863


Space Industry Guide for SMEs Published

Guidelines for Small Embedded System Companies Aiming to Enter the Space Industry has been published by the research group of the AgiSpacES project. It summarizes useful information about the European Space Agency (ESA), the European space industry, the ECSS standards and product assurance for small and medium enterprises that are aiming to enter the industry. Additionally, the applicability of agile development in space projects is discussed.

Link: http://embedded.utu.fi/project/space-industry-guide-for-smes/

Public Seminar on Future Diagnostics

The research in bio-technologies have for the past 40 years been growing in Finland, especially in the Turku area. Japan is also well-known in revolutionary bio-research. The Joint  seminar on “Future Diagnostics” in Turku makes a chance to hear the latest in diagnostics and glimpse into its future. What secrets will Roche Diagnostics Ltd., Hyogo University of Health Sciences, UTU Department of Future Technologies, PerkinElmer, Turku SciencePark Ltd. and JSPS tell?

The seminar is open to the public and organized in collaboration with University of Turku-Department of Future Technologies (DFT), Turku University of Applied Sciences, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS Stockholm Office) and City of Turku.


May 21 (thur), Seminar 10:00-15:00, Evening reception 18:00-20:00


University of Turku, Main Building, Lecture Hall II (2) Building T1, Finland


10:00-10:15 Opening speech (Dr. Timo Korpela)
10:15-11:15 Prof. Seiji Shibasaki (Hyogo University of Health Sciences): “The Recent Challenges in Red Biotechnology – for Accelerating the Development of Novel Diagnostic Tools and Pharmaceutics”
11:15-12:00 Dr. Erkki Soini: “New Principles for in vitro Diagnostics”
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
13:00-13:30 Marika Kase, Global Business Director (PerkinElmer): “Expanded Newborn Screening in Japan”
13:30-14:00 Teppo Hyytiä, Head of Business Unit (Roche Diagnostics): “Doing Now What Patients Need Next”
14:00-14:30 Teppo Laaksonen, Senior Advisor (Turku Science Park Ltd.): “Diagnostic Companies in TScP Ltd: Present and Future Trends”
14:30-14:50 Dr. Timo Korpela (University of Turku/DFT): “Electrochemistry in Diagnostics: the Past, the Present and the Future”
14:50-15:00 Dr. Hideo Akutsu (Director of JSPS Stockholm Office): “JSPS Programs Supporting Research Activities”

Further information and registration

Please go to http://tech.utu.fi/future/ for further information and registration.

Admission is free of charge.


Please contact trc-future@utu.fi if you have any questions.

IEEE Standards Association Workshop

IEEE Standards Association (SA) visits the premises of University of Turku on Wednesday 11.3. Mr. Ravi Subramanian, Technical Director, IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (based out of New Jersey, USA), and Mr. Sri Chandra, Senior Standards Manager (based out of Bangalore, India) will present their organization’s activities correspondingly.

The workshop will be held at ICT City lecture hall Gamma (Joukahaisenkatu 3-5, Turku) at 13.00-15.00. Firstly the activities of IEEE are presented which will be followed by Q&A session. Also, the organizers would like to discuss the possibility of creating an IEEE student chapter at the University of Turku.

The workshop includes following agenda:

  • Introducing IEEE and the IEEE Standards Association
  • IEEE’s work in Emerging Technologies – brief outline of all our tech initiatives – IOT, Smart Cities, eHealth, Big Data, …
  • IEEE Standards Program, IEEE Conformity Assessment Initiatives and our work on Emerging Technologies including AR

The workshop is free for everybody interested. Welcome!

Please don’t hesitate to contact Sirpa Korhonen for further information!

Sirpa Korhonen

Project Manager

+358 (0)40 527 3730

Summer trainee positions available for students

Department of Future Technologies at the University of Turku is an internationally acclaimed research center focusing on commercially relevant ICT research.

Department of Future Technologies offers traineeship posts to students in the summer 2015. The duration of the traineeship is at least three months and takes place between the 1st of May and the 31st of August. The exact time is negotiated separately.

The trainee works in one of the research projects of the research unit. A more exact job description is determined by the knowledge and skills of the trainee and the requirements of the ongoing projects. More information about the projects can be found at http://tech.utu.fi

The applicant is required the basic knowledge of the field of electronics, information or communication technology. Knowledge in several fields of ICT is considered as an advantage. Good English language skills as well as good communication and team collaboration skills are required.

The salary is at least 1165 euro per month. The salary depends on the amount credits in the transcript of study record of the student.

Application time is from the 1st of January till the 28th of February. Applications are submitted to the recruiting system located at http://www.utu.fi/tyopaikat/. (Look for title: “Harjoittelijoita (ma.) 3–8 kpl)” The application should include the resume and the transcript of study record of the student. If the applicant has a traineeship voucher, it should be mentioned as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Päivi Nikkola for further information!

“Agile Handbook for Embedded Systems Development” publication seminars

EtukansiWelcome to listen and discuss the utilization of agile methods in embedded systems development and their impacts on developers’ productivity and well-being at work.

Rapid response to change and close collaboration are important aspects in modern product development. How can these aspects be effectively adopted in companies where experts from different domains develop complex embedded systems? What kind of experiences Finnish companies have gathered from agile methods especially in the development of embedded systems, and how the implemented methods have improved the well-being at work and the productivity and the fluency of the product development?

“Sulautettujen järjestelmien ketterä käsikirja”, the Agile Handbook for Embedded Systems Development, is a pragmatic handbook based on the experiences gathered during the Tekes-funded AgiES project (Agile and Lean Product Development for Embedded ICT Systems). The handbook was collaboratively written by the AgiES researchers from the University of Turku and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The content provides an introduction to agile working practices, targeting both developers and managers in different types of organizations developing embedded systems. A collection of agile practices and real-life experiences are presented in an easy-to-read form that aims to improve both the working practices and well-being at work. The book is written and the seminars are held in Finnish.

The open seminars for book release will be organized in Turku and Espoo:

In Turku on October 28th 2014 at 9–11 (coffee at 8.30),
Conference center Mauno, Tykistökatu 6.
Hosted by Turku Science Park Ltd.
Registration on October 26th at the latest at http://bit.ly/kasikirja-turku.

In Espoo on November 6th 2014 at 13–15 (coffee at 12.30),
Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14.
Hosted by Finnish Software Measurement Association FiSMA.
Registration on November 2nd at the latest at http://bit.ly/kasikirja-espoo.

The events can be found on Facebook: Turku and Espoo.

The handbook is also available as a mobile friendly web page and as a PDF. More information about the seminars, the project and the handbook in Finnish can be found at http://embedded.utu.fi/kasikirja.


University of Turku
Department of Future Technologies
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Finnish Software Measurement Association FiSMA
Turku Science Park Ltd

Please don’t hesitate to contact Päivi Nikkola for further information!