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Machine Learning Approaches for Natural Resource Data

Pohjankukka, Jonne (2018-06-15)

Real life applications involving efficient management of natural resources are dependent on accurate geographical information. This information is usually obtained by manual on-site data collection, via automatic remote sensing methods, or by the mixture of the two…

Utilizing educational technology in computer science and programming courses : theory and practice

Kaila, Erkki (2018-02-17)

There is one thing the Computer Science Education researchers seem to agree: programming is a difficult skill to learn. Educational technology can potentially solve a number of difficulties associated with programming and computer science education by automating…

Energy-Efficient and Reliable Computing in Dark Silicon Era

Haghbayan, Mohammad-Hashem (2018-01-09)

Dark silicon denotes the phenomenon that, due to thermal and power constraints, the fraction of transistors that can operate at full frequency is decreasing in each technology generation. Moore’s law and Dennard scaling had been backed and coupled…


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