White space test environment for broadcast frequencies
Budget TRC: 250 000 €

The amount of data transferred with wireless technologies increases all the time. Some estimates predict data growth explosion of 1000 times during the next 10 years. Industry and regulators have three different directions to pursue in order to fulfill wireless capacity requirements: more spectrum efficient data transmission techniques, smaller cell sizes, and spectrum sharing.

In spectrum sharing it is of paramount importance that incumbent use is protected. Operations with incumbent management must be automatic and transparent for incumbent users. This lowers the resistance e.g. in regulation from incumbent interest groups, which may in the worst case scenario delay or prevent the progress of spectrum sharing being commercially allowed.

The WISE2 project focuses on incumbent protection methods for shared spectrum. For TV white spaces digital video broadcasting and wireless microphones are considered. ASA/LSA spectrum sharing is investigated in 2,3 – 2,4 GHz frequency band to coexist with PMSE equipment such as wireless cameras. Additionally technologies and services utilizing shared spectrum are piloted.

The WISE2 project will provide technical enablers for spectrum sharing and demonstrate service showcases to promote business opportunities for the diverse field of systems utilizing wireless communications.

Research Partners

  • University of Turku, Technology Research Center
  • Aalto University
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • Nokia, Ficora, Digita, and Fairspectrum