Kieli- ja puheteknologia

Language and speech technology play an important role in research and education at our department. They are represented by two research teams: the TurkuNLP group and the Phonetics group.

TurkuNLP Group

TurkuNLP photo

The focus of the TurkuNLP group is in natural language processing and language technology. The spectrum of the group’s research projects is very varied, ranging from automatically mining statements from English scientific literature, through machine learning from Finnish patient documentation, to the development of the essential technology used widely to process the Finnish language. Researchers in the group are most often spotted training deep neural networks on cluster machines, battling with text corpora of billions of words in size, solving puzzling linguistic questions, or teaching their skills to the next generation. The technology developed in the group is used by many academic and industrial partners, and we have a wide array of collaborations with universities worldwide as well as big IT players. More about the group can be found on our website