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Geometric data understanding : deriving case specific features

Nevalainen, Paavo (2018-08-20)

There exists a tradition using precise geometric modeling, where uncertainties in data can be considered noise. Another tradition relies on statistical nature of vast quantity of data, where geometric regularity is intrinsic to data and statistical models usually grasp this level only indirectly…

Machine Learning Approaches for Natural Resource Data

Pohjankukka, Jonne (2018-06-15)

Real life applications involving efficient management of natural resources are dependent on accurate geographical information. This information is usually obtained by manual on-site data collection, via automatic remote sensing methods, or by the mixture of the two…

Utilizing educational technology in computer science and programming courses : theory and practice

Kaila, Erkki (2018-02-17)

There is one thing the Computer Science Education researchers seem to agree: programming is a difficult skill to learn. Educational technology can potentially solve a number of difficulties associated with programming and computer science education by automating…



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