As its name states, energy minimization is the key goal of this group. From piko Joule RISC processors to multi gigahertz application processors, from video coders through security applications and Internet-of-Things to LTE acceleration, the group tackles a wide range of use-cases. The utmost goal is always to operate at the energy-minimum point all the way down to subthreshold voltages.

The toolbox here is transistor-level design, from novel library cells to DC-DC converters. The device-level knowledge is then applied to enable novel processing architectures, algorithms, and use-cases in creating true vertical energy minimization possibilities.

The group is always looking for new students. If you are interested in novel possibilities of electronic gadgets enabled by dust-mote sized devices and eternal batteries, please contact us.




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Lauri Koskinen

Senior Research Fellow, Adjunct prof. of Nanoelectronics and Integrated Digital Systems Design